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Spectrum Composite Mod and Refurb

A short while ago, I became reaquainted with the world of the Sincclair Spectrum. Back in the original Spectrum Heyday, I had many bits and pieces (wish I’d have kept them!) one of which was a composite monitor. In fact, … Continue reading

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Old Skool Tape Loading

As I continue to explore the world of retro-computing, bringing back memories of my late teens and early twenties, I’m constantly amazed at just how big the retro-computing scene is. I’m also amazed that, given all the new interfaces for … Continue reading

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Spectrum Resurrection

All the excitement around the Spectrum Next Kickstarter, and now the shop opening on the forum got me inspired to get hold of an original machine on eBay. Supposedly in working condition, it arrived with a problem. The eBay seller … Continue reading

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