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minDUINO Next

Whilst the Spectrum Next Kickstarter goes from strength to strength (1st stretch goal reached already at £350,000), I have been redrawing the minDUINO in KiCad. Today, I recieved the first batch of PCBs from the ever brilliant Hackvana and they … Continue reading

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KiCad is an EDA program, similar to Eagle, Altium and the like. I last tried it some years ago and found it to be very difficult to use, not least because of the inevitable steep learning curve that all CAD … Continue reading

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Constructing an RC2014

Whilst working on the ZAViouR v1.02, I discovered a kit for a Z80 based micro-computer designed by Spencer Owen. Spencer called it the RC2014 since it was for the Retro Challenge in 2014. It’s a nice, simple modular design which … Continue reading

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Lets have another go!

Well, inspired by the announcement of the Specnext, I’ve decided to get back to work on my ZAViouR Board. It’s been a long time coming but now, I really want to get it going. I got a little disheartened when … Continue reading

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ZAViouR Demo and plans

Development continues on ZAViouR Boards v1.01 and v1.02. With a simple bit of Arduino code, you can insert Z80 Hex coded machine code into the ‘Sketch’ via bin2h.exe then compile and run it. Demonstrated here with a simple routine to … Continue reading

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AVR/Z80 Hybrid

The AVR/Z80 Hybrid boards arrived yesterday. Excellent service as always from Hackvana, my preferred fabricator. I set about constructing the first board. I’ve not included the output port on the first one since I haven’t got the two relevant 74′ … Continue reading

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Universal Regulator Board

I have just published my design for a Universal Regulator Board in the Non-AVR Projects section. The idea behind it was that I was using much the same power supply for the majority of my projects, a 7805 and associated … Continue reading

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ESP’ecially good!

The ESP8266 ESP-01/03 Flash/Proto v1.4 boards arrived today. I set about building one up to test it and it all checks out. I used my usual SMD soldering technique of placing blobs of solder paste on each of the connections … Continue reading

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ESP8266 ESP01/03 Flash-Prototype Board

The ESP01/03 Flash-Prototype Boards arrived from the fabricator. Good quality boards in a reasonable time. Although not Hackvana (Sorry Mitch, I’ll be back for the next batch!). Here you see two of the boards, one populated with an ESP-01 module, … Continue reading

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Summer Developments

It’s been busy at ProjectAVR. I’ve been squirreling away, making up minDUINO kits for the Scouts JOTA event. They are almost finished now. Just a few last minute additions on back-order. The assembly instructions are complete with included circuit diagram … Continue reading

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