ZAViouR Demo and plans

Development continues on ZAViouR Boards v1.01 and v1.02. With a simple bit of Arduino code, you can insert Z80 Hex coded machine code into the ‘Sketch’ via bin2h.exe then compile and run it. Demonstrated here with a simple routine to flash LEDs on the output port:

I recorded the clip on my iPhone which misses LEDs due to it’s frame rate. In reality, all the LEDs flash in turn before repeating.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been developing ideas for the next iteration of ZAViouR adding the following features:

  • A 40-pin expansion port.
  • SRAM size Option. Extra traces for Cypress CY7C199CN 32K SRAMs.
  • A ‘proper’ power socket.
  • A second indicator LED for AVR status.
  • A Run/Inhibit switch to tell the AVR to run or stay ‘Hands Off’ at start up.
  • A Micro-SD Card socket and header to provide storage via the AVR.

I have produced a quick mock-up of the new board along with the I/O board I’ve designed to go with it based on a single port of Grant Searle’s excellent design.

ZAViouR with I/O Expansion

ZAViouR with I/O Expansion

My intention is to get the I/O Board fitted and proved before designing a backplane board that will go between them and add three more ports.

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