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New Project: TB Timer – Timed Camera Cable Release

One of my other pastimes is Photography. I used to be ‘in the trade’, in fact, I have been a photographer and a photographer’s assistant several times. Nowadays, I pursue photography in a hobbyist sense. I still enjoy experimenting with … Continue reading

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ZAViouR Demo and plans

Development continues on ZAViouR Boards v1.01 and v1.02. With a simple bit of Arduino code, you can insert Z80 Hex coded machine code into the ‘Sketch’ via bin2h.exe then compile and run it. Demonstrated here with a simple routine to … Continue reading

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AVR/Z80 Hybrid

The AVR/Z80 Hybrid boards arrived yesterday. Excellent service as always from Hackvana, my preferred fabricator. I set about constructing the first board. I’ve not included the output port on the first one since I haven’t got the two relevant 74′ … Continue reading

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Been a while…

OK So, I’ve not posted on this site for a [VERY LONG] time but I hadn’t forgotten it. I’ve been involved in numerous projects that have kept me away from straight AVR projects. Not least ProjectHAB, my other website devoted … Continue reading

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