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Constructing an RC2014

Whilst working on the ZAViouR v1.02, I discovered a kit for a Z80 based micro-computer designed by Spencer Owen. Spencer called it the RC2014 since it was for the Retro Challenge in 2014. It’s a nice, simple modular design which … Continue reading

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ICSP to Breadboard Adaptor

Frustrated by having to poke jumper wires into the socket of my AVR ISP MkII every time I wanted to program a breadboarded AVR, I quickly built an adaptor from strip board. It consists of a 6-pin shrouded header plug … Continue reading

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ICSP Test Rig

On a whim, I bought a Maplin project to build. I needed an audio signal generator for something I’m planning and the £15.99 Function Generator Kit seemed to fit the bill. I have a very local Maplin shop where the … Continue reading

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Park Life

I have now had a lesson in patience. My PCBs arrived from OSH Park yesterday. They are of top quality. However, I should have checked over my design a few times before submission. On the face of it, they look … Continue reading

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Starting Out

I’m not sure what others would say but sometimes, I just get the urge to make something. I’ve been interested in Electronics since I was a young boy. My father taught me to solder at the age of seven (with … Continue reading

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