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You’re just Multi-faced

A lot has been going on lately so I thought I’d update the blog with some of it. Starting with a small announcement. I secured the domain www.ProjectSPECCY.com It currently re-directs here. I am unsure as yet whether I will … Continue reading

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EPROM Info Table

One of the other things I am involved in is graphics. I have had this table knocking about on my hard drive for a while: It’s available from several sources and I find it very useful. Search as I might, … Continue reading

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minDUINO Next

Whilst the Spectrum Next Kickstarter goes from strength to strength (1st stretch goal reached already at £350,000), I have been redrawing the minDUINO in KiCad. Today, I received the first batch of PCBs from the ever brilliant Hackvana and they … Continue reading

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KiCad is an EDA program, similar to Eagle, Altium and the like. I last tried it some years ago and found it to be very difficult to use, not least because of the inevitable steep learning curve that all CAD … Continue reading

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New Boards On The Way

Finally, after being involved in non-electronic projects for a while, I’ve been able to finalise the new ZAViouR board v1.02 and the 7400 based I/O expansion board v1.00. Both have been sent to my favourite fabrication house, Hackvana and I … Continue reading

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AVR/Z80 Hybrid

The AVR/Z80 Hybrid boards arrived yesterday. Excellent service as always from Hackvana, my preferred fabricator. I set about constructing the first board. I’ve not included the output port on the first one since I haven’t got the two relevant 74′ … Continue reading

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ESP’ecially good!

The ESP8266 ESP-01/03 Flash/Proto v1.4 boards arrived today. I set about building one up to test it and it all checks out. I used my usual SMD soldering technique of placing blobs of solder paste on each of the connections … Continue reading

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ESP8266 ESP01/03 Flash-Prototype Board

The ESP01/03 Flash-Prototype Boards arrived from the fabricator. Good quality boards in a reasonable time. Although not Hackvana (Sorry Mitch, I’ll be back for the next batch!). Here you see two of the boards, one populated with an ESP-01 module, … Continue reading

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Park Life

I have now had a lesson in patience. My PCBs arrived from OSH Park yesterday. They are of top quality. However, I should have checked over my design a few times before submission. On the face of it, they look … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Park

As a slight detour from my own PCB making exploits, let me tell you about a couple of PCBs I’m having made commercially. I am a big fan of the Z80 microprocessor made by ZiLog and have had an itch … Continue reading

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