Spectrum Next Kickstarter Active!

After what seems a very long wait, the Spectrum Next Kickstarter campaign has started. This machine promises to be everything the retro-computing fan would need. A very well ‘speced’ machine (pardon the pun) with active development, a thriving community and a great Facebook page. If you’d like more info, you can check out my brief review on this ProjectAVR Page or the Spectrum Next‘s own webpage.

Spectrumnext Black

The Spectrum Next rendered in black.

One of the really great things about this project is that it will be Open Source. I’m looking forward to pouring over the technical documents when the time comes.

With 40+ backers added whilst typing this, I can see it being a most successful Kickstarter Campaign.

[UPDATE 24-04-2017] At approx. 09:36 BST, the Kickstarter got to it’s target in just over 24 hours showing an amazing level of support for this machine.

SpecNext KS Target Achieved

SpecNext KS Target Achieved

Looking forward to seeing the machine ‘in the flesh’ in early 2018.

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