Display Planning

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the cheap 32×128 and 64×128 OLED Displays available from various emporiums. I’ve managed to prototype a simple Temp/Humidity/Pressure device without too much trouble, details will probably appear on ProjectAVR.com in due course.

One of the things that I found difficult was how to plan out the display elements. In the ‘old days’ of program planning, a lot of work was done on paper so I decided to design an OLED Display Planner Sheet enabling me to draw what I wanted and instantly find out what co-ordinates to use.

OLED Planner Sheet

OLED Planner Sheet

Each axis has the cell numbers on it and, although it’s not apparent from the above image, the lower 32 cells are shaded indicating the second set of 32 pixels. You can use the sheet for planning either two 128×32 sized OLEDs or one 128×64 sized OLED.

The planner sheet can be downloaded from:

ProjectAVR.com 32-64×128 OLED Planner Sheet: PDF

and is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence. Feel free to download and use as you see fit. Print at 100% on A4 landscape paper at 600×600 dpi for best results.

Creative Commons License128×32 and 128×64 OLED Planner Sheet by ProjectAVR – Steve Smith G0TDJ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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