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ICSP to Breadboard Adaptor

Frustrated by having to poke jumper wires into the socket of my AVR ISP MkII every time I wanted to program a breadboarded AVR, I quickly built an adaptor from strip board. It consists of a 6-pin shrouded header plug … Continue reading

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minDUINO v1.7 Arrival

I’m very pleased to report that the minDUINO v1.7 boards have arrived and are excellent! Fabricated by the fantastic Hackvana. They have never failed to deliver a top quality product. I’m very much looking forward to building one up to … Continue reading

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minDUINO ‘Hello World’

This post assumes that your ATMEGA328 chip has a bootloader installed. Chips with the bootloader already installed can be obtained from many sources, including eBay. Details on how to install a bootloader manually will be detailed in a future post. … Continue reading

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